art and activism combatting misogyny in politics


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The presidential campaign of 2016 has seen it’s share of firsts and surprises for America. We are witnessing the ideology of bigotry and hate being encouraged and mainstreamed in a way that is eroding confidence in our entire political system. The Trump Presidency and his administration put forward these injustices as policy that equal-rights activists, minorities and women have fought to overcome. Trump vows to return to a time when America was “Great”...but great for whom?

In response to this message of hate, the #DontTrumpWomen campaign was conceived. The  project strives to empower women in the political discourse and to stand against systemic misogyny, discrimination and hypocrisy. Through a series of grassroots efforts - artistic activism, street stickers, performance art and social media advocacy - the hashtag and the campaign speak out against the bonds that have restrained women for too long in America.

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