art and activism combatting misogyny in politics


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The 2016 Presidential Campaign surprised America. It exposed a great divide in our society, reopening wounds we thought long ago were healed. The Trump Administration espouses injustices as policy that immigrants, minorities and women have fought to overcome.  And, tragically, the ideology of bigotry and hate is mainstreamed in such a way that is eroding confidence in our entire political system. Trump vows to return to a time when America was “great” ... but great for whom?

In response to this message of hate, the #DontTrumpWomen campaign emerged as a symbol of resistance. The project strives to empower women in the political discourse and to stand against systemic misogyny, discrimination and hypocrisy. Through a series of grassroots efforts - artistic activism, street art, performance art and social media advocacy - the hashtag and the campaign speak out against the bonds that have restrained women for too long in America.

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