the embodiment of femininity, sex and sexuality, and equality


KissPopFuck is the the fusion of the three conceptual themes of The Femme Project: femininity, sex and sexuality, and equality. It is a tagline that empowers, energizes and symbolizes the mission of the art of the feminine.

kiss / pop / fuck

kiss: Embody the feminine

These themes express what it means to be feminine, examining concepts such as motherhood, body image, constructs of beauty, menstruation, gender and familial roles, to name a few. The substance of KISS is to explore the perceived underside of feminine "softness" in order to reveal strength, redefine beauty, expose double standards, and advocate understanding. It is the feminine in all it's gender-less forms - powerful, independent and beautiful.

perspectives on the feminine

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projects  more than a number / #thtc

pop: Empower sexuality

POP manifests the sexual energy and voice of the woman. The themes communicate ideas about sex, sexuality, masturbation, orgasm and the female body as a sexual force. The messages are sex positive and empowering as well as controversial and unorthodox, confronting negative stereotypes. It's spirit is dynamic, bold, edgy, explosive and sexy. These are the fearless projects that challenge provincial attitudes about sex and sexuality relative to women.

perspectives on sex + sexuality

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projects  #respecthersex / woman's work / sexting / #thtc

fuck: Stand for equality

It's a word that commands attention. The themes of FUCK stand for the rights of women–the ability to speak up, to choose, to be counted. Issues of gender inequality, domestic violence, sexual assault, political and religious oppression...these messages target the larger scope of the challenges facing women–past, present and future. The theme personifies empowerment, freedom, rebellion and strength, giving voice to a revolution still struggling to be heard. 

perspectives on equality

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projects  #donttrumpwomen / banned hashtags of instagram