No Hastags Found

I have to think very carefully each time I post to Instagram. My themes range from body image to sexuality, speaking freely to provoking taboos. In my imagery, as well as language, I prefer color, richness, character and openness. To my dismay, a few of my photos had disappeared from the search results list because of my overly creative - and banned - hashtags.

In the scheme of things, it might not be that big a deal. My account wasn't deleted, my photos still appeared on my profile, but the shadow of Big Brother seemed to loom. Purposely vague community guidelines leave me wondering who decides what is acceptable and appropriate? Who defines art? Who draws the lines? Where do the boundaries of censorship begin and end?

To help you make sense of the hashtag do’s and dont’s, I discovered a handy resource from The Data Pack, which put together a list of the banned hashtags on Instagram. A few of my favorites include #breasts #bra #kinky #lingerie #lolita #sensual #vagina...hmm, the medical term for a woman’s reproductive organ is banned?

Let’s take back the right to speak, write, hashtag and communicate without fear of censorship. #takebackthehashtag #bannedhashtagsofinstagram