week one reboot

18 Rules of Behavior for Young Ladies, the Muslim War on Women...and Bananas, Microcosmic Grossness of Kissing, Masochism, Spanking and a Moment of Zen.

Friday. The day significant of endings and beginnings. This was my first week as a full time artist. No client deadlines, no conference calls, no timesheet logs, no definitive 9 to 5...and no paycheck. With that newfound freedom comes elation and anxiety, possibilities and questions. The blank calendar, and the blank canvas, present a daunting dilemma - how to find direction, how to fill the time and how to be someone new and different from the mold I designed for myself over the course of my career.

But, Rome wasn't built in a day, and in the meantime while pondering the elusiveness of the universe, I decided to read.

The week of reading was glorious. Books, blogs, articles and opinions...immersed in thoughts, ideas and the word soup of the internet was a restorative elixir for my creative right brain. The road to recovery from the corporate world to the one of discovery is challenging. However, there are bound to be delightful roadside attractions and pit stops along the way.

my week of reading