Why I March

I march for Women.

I march to preserve the freedoms that others try to take from us because we disagree.

I march because women have the right to liberate their bodies in whatever way they want, however they choose, whenever they see fit.

I march because women have the right to live and to love how they choose without judgement, shame or persecution.

I march because it is NOT OKAY to “grab ‘em by the pussy.”

I march because women are not equal in this country that prides itself as “the Land of the Free.”

I march because conservative, white men shall neither dictate nor legislate their ideology over me.

I march because hate is not an inalienable right.

I march because racism and sexism are NOT OKAY even if they are the views of the majority.

I march because injustice is an everyday experience for those without white skin, a penis and wealth.

I march because the voice of reason is drowning in marketing speak and political pivoting.

I march because Republicans are DEAD WRONG when they say the Obama presidency was a failure and set our country back.

I march because it is NOT OKAY for our political leaders to lie, invent “facts” and deny culpability for the things they say.

I march because this man should never have been elected to this office.

I march to stand up for what it is right and lead by example.

I march because I have a moral obligation to our futures.

I march for Women.