more than a number

collaborative effort redefining beauty + femininity


the project

Beauty has often been defined, socialized and propagated in our cultures as a means to control and quantify the female body and identity. Idealized beauty in the media and fashion industry presents an un-achievable standard to which young girls aspire.

In honor of Women's History Month, the Femme Project created #MoreThanANumber, a online social media presentation and collaboration exploring body image and celebrating the beauty of ALL ones feminine - women (and men) who embrace their originality, their sexy, their curves, their kink, their nonconformity and their femininity. The project consisted of a month-long Instagram campaign showcasing statistics about female body image and beauty, profiles and body measurements of real and imagined iconic beauty, and finally culminating in follower submissions and statements for a takeover Thigh High Thursday Challenge.

the stats / the icons / the takeover

the stats

the icons

the takeover

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