the femme project is art with a purpose addressing themes
of femininity, sex and sexuality, and equality.


The Femme Project, founded in 2014 by principal artist Heather M, explores these central themes through a variety of mediums - both visual and conceptual - and approaches the art and the messages from a feminine perspective. The art of Femininity defines what it means to be a woman. The art of Sex and Sexuality probes women’s experiences, explorations and empowerment through sexual identity. The art of Equality scrutinizes the social, political and gender inequalities pervasive in our culture.

With an authentic voice and a focus on women, it is the mission of The Femme Project to create message-driven art that informs, connects and empowers all for a better understanding of womankind. The artistic narrative evolves through a creative lens of the female experience to encourage dialogue, challenge misconceptions, inspire action and provide insight about what it means to BE a woman.

Like many aspects of art and life, The Femme Project is a journey ... an exploration ... a quest to improve the state of what is and what can be. Join The Femme Project on the voyage inside the feminine.